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3m di-noc, Window frost, wall wraps & more.

Advanced products and unique material provide stunning visual effects for any space. Vinyl offers the flexibility to get creative without getting complicated, and allows you to reimagine your surroundings without breaking the bank. Whether you are designing for your own clients, or looking to “brand” your office, we work with you to bring your projects to life.


3m di-noc

Di-Noc is a durable and dynamic film that is easy to install and conform to a variety of flat or curved surfaces including walls, panels, and ceilings. With more than 1,000 patterns to choose from, clients can recreate the look of real wood finishes, stone, metal, marble and more.


window frost

Window frost is a staple in any office or new development. It is such a versatile product that can provide ambiance and privacy. Frost can be cut into patterns or designs, or give a unique look to a logo or image. Most building developments require interior glass walls to have vinyl or frosting applied before passing inspection.



wall wraps & decals

Wall wraps and decals are a great way to brand an office with company logos, colours, and other sayings or brand references. Visual branding in an office space or work station is a successful way to build culture, employee pride and brand image.

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